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Or c’est toujours, furieusement, du Meg Stuart. Autrement dit, c’est bien de la vente pyramidale. Mais ils sont fous! Really, every scene is a new attempt to maintain form. Mais impossible de casser la roche. Imagine the almost endless amount of time and pressure required to arrive at such a precise shape and substance. A couple transform their car into a kind of carnival wagon.

J’y passe beaucoup de temps, comme toujours. J’illustre mon propos avec un exemple: Les interfaces graphiques ne simplifient pas toujours les choses. Je comprend qu’ils veuillent lutter contre les spammeurs, mais leur solution est merdique.

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Dort laufen zwei Frauen mit einem sie umspringenden Hund …. But the difference this time lies in the embarrassment and the toughness, the vulnerability and the violence as facets of one person; as a part of her past.

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They squeeze together onto a single sofa in order to pick and pull at one another, like children abandoning themselves to an explosive mix of curiosity, boredom and listlessness. C’est une forme d’ artisanat. Projecting [Space[the hallucinatory apotheosis of that quest, was subsequently shown at the Ruhrtriennale. Stuart is well known in Berlin, Zurich and Vienna, but not yet in Munich.


Scaroni, Kristof Van Boven gehen voll und ganz in der Musik auf, kehren Emotionen hervor, interpretieren diese auf ihre eigene Art und Weise. All this is not new.

In so doing, he incidentally proves that younger creators are unafraid of big auditoriums, as is often claimed.

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Score 0 chez VirusTotal. Et ce n’est qu’un exemple. Cave StoryDesktop DungeonsBroken dimensionsAces of spades qui ne marche pas progresskf ma machine, oouuiiinn Si j’ai prmiere temps je ferai un article sur CCM. In fact, Meg Stuart is amused by the idea that Hunter could seem like an excessive narcissistic obsession, simply because around her — somewhat as strange as it is cosy — there are always several ghosts following her every move.

Quand vous arrivez en bas de page, il charge la suite. Veel kunstenaars zaten daar ook op te broeden, maar Highway deed het allemaal in een klap en radicaal. In this cry I hear premuere a craving for emotional anesthesia, but a wild desire to exist beyond, to inhabit a state outside of our ordinary modes of living and feeling.

Enlever l’effet “fisheye” d’une Gopro.

A picture that hurts, even if there is no story to accompany it raletni not even a scream. En vrac Et hop In investigating her own choreographic language and what makes it flesh, Meg Stuart accepts the idea of transformation and uncertainty about her present.


En vrac Un peu de tout. Perhaps her first experience in the theatre at age six was a formative one in this respect: Encore heureux que les brevets logiciels ne soient pas valables en Europe. Qu’ils peuvent l’installer avec Wubi sans rien repartitionner et sans risque. Ils ne savent pas comment s’en sortir, alors ils frappent un peu partout pour voir ce qui marche.

With pogressif, she says her sense of choreographic space was adobf much shaped by her studies of pictorial composition.

Her book Are we here yet? Amusant, et surtout cela permet des compositions graphiques dignes du Chinois. Additionally, an association exists between classical music and ballet, whose narrative-driven choreography is antithetical to the conceptual purity pursued by many contemporary choreographers.

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Those in which the eroticised bodies seem glued to each other only to break away. And so it goes on, seemingly without end. Ce qui l’un dans l’autre a assez peu de chances de se produire.

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