Reddy saw near Jagbar’s dead body. All the reports ,All the statements ;All the evidence were against Abhijeet there was no way that he can be saved. Shukla, Warden, Kishore, Maqdum or Peon? Drishti gets caught by Inspector Dave near the pool and also reveals Inspector Dave that she previously saw Ira’s murder in the dream later, K. Who killed Maya and Mihika’s Mamaji? Pathak that Aadarsh’s T-shirt was brand new but a major trouble takes place as Tatya identifies Inspector Dave in the dark who was standing at a 15 ft of a distance but hides in the court that his eyes are operated. What will be Judge’s final verdict? Pathak sends Varun to collect some information about Avni later, Pramod’s Wife reveals her family members that she is getting missed calls on Avni’s cell phones, there in the court, Sharad reveals court that his Mother had problems with Avni and thus they use to often end up in quarrels and to solve their problem, Sharad and Avni decided to get separated from their house, but this apparently does not go down too well with Ms.

Pathak from the trouble? Mamaji’s incident took place when he was consuming alcohol and forced Maya and Mihika to prepare a drink which lead him to death. A court session happens in the villa where they are staying. Pathak that she does not have any clue about Sanjay’s Grandfather’s property papers which were kept in the room, on the other side in Haveli, Rajmata orders Kulpandit to lock Unjha’s room forever and burn all his items thus, Kulpandit spots a letter and he too gets killed by Unjha’s Horse. A major trouble takes place as Inspector Jhadav gets killed in his society and Inspector Dave puts the blame on Dr. What will be his next step? Father Martin Squera is under arrest. Swami Sadanand reveals Kavita Prajapati that the massive property of Billionaire Manhohar Sethia belongs to Kavita as she is the only Grand daughter of his family with no siblings and also reveals her that the girl who is currently staying with Manohar Sethia is not her grand daughter but Kavita does not believe him.

Anurag, Virat or Dr. Bharti is dead from since past 3 years so how is this possible. Yamaguchi and had warned him several times not to sell Mankahoor Mummy and it’s Raajdand in the black market. Zavisco is still missing later, K.

Famous Bharat natyam dancer Sudha Krishnan visits K. KD has an amazing eye for detail and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Pathak’s office with a request to save his close friend Ankit Luthra who got trapped in a murder. Malvika Malhotra Super Star walks into her dressing room and finds out her colleague Namrita and others are using her dressing room, She gets mad at them and 2041 Mukesh Production Manager to make sure they do not use her dressing room again. Pathak that he saw him escaping from the office and also submits his lighter in the court which he forgot to pick up while escaping.


Swami Ji Ka Qatil

Pathak teaches a unique lesson to Jaiswal by showing a demonstration to Judge and also calls Magician Jango’s murder a suicide. Pathak tries to ask some questions to Raju who reveals him that before the murder occurred Producer Juggy Malhotra was extremely tensed as he was getting calls from an unknown person, there in the court, Raju Chaurasiya reveals court that he went to City Auditorium to explain Samar to act properly and then he started acting like Mega Star Amitabh Bachchan adaalaat when he came back to his senses he was on his way to the epislde.

His imprisonment was near in the court Finally K.

Hanis Saxena reveals K. Secretary Priya reveals that after Aarti Sinha she saw Mr. Kedar who is K. Varun tries to investigate in Kirti’s society and also questions Wadia but he strictly disagrees to answer him and also gets to know about Wadia’s Character. Kumaresh Iyer and flight lieutenant Tarun Garg will travel in ISRA Vijaygati 11 space shuttle to study Moon thus, the auspicious moment arrives and the Rocket safely proceeds towards Moon but a shocking incident takes place on Moon as one of the Astronaut Mr.

Kumaresh Iyer dies on the Moon and Mr. Sumitra Bashin was Rachna’s step mother. Who killed Steven, Chandi Das and Panthji? Madhukar Vaidy who owns a business of fisheries gets killed in his ship ‘Jalpari’. Pathak reveals Varun to collect information about the medicine and on the other side, K. D questions Sunil who not only serves snacks during the movie but also checks movie tickets at the main door, later Director reveals court that he didn’t observe usher in the theater as he was nervous and Assistant Director reveals Judge that he observed usher in the theater who didn’t notice him when he was calling.

Naidu rages at Dr.

Pathak save magician Marco’s life? Drishti gets caught by Inspector Dave near the pool and also reveals Inspector Dave that she previously adwalat Ira’s murder in the dream later, K.


On the other side in the court, Sudhir reveals K. Let us see if K. Tailor’s Grandmother who knew a lot about Unjha reveals Varun that Unjha had a magical stone ‘Meghmani’.

Will court punish Aghori Baba Jagnan Maharaj? Who killed maid Mansi?

Adaalat – अदालत – Swami Ji Ka Qatil – Episode – 15th November – Youtube Download

D doubting on Bhushan? Sapra’s Cousin Geetika shows one of her latest invention ‘Head on’ in R. Pathak meets Sharfuddin in the jail. Riya loved Manav and even Anju use to like him a lot so finally who wanted Manav to get killed.

Adalat latest episode – Property King

Why is he blaming Lord Krishna? Pathak fails to stop the murder of Pooja but will he succeed in saving Security officer Sanjay. Reza killed 0214 Pinto with an aluminium rod. Makhan visits court with a strong evidence. Defense Lawyer shows demonstration to K. Pathak that he will die drowning in the lake and K. Dibakar reveals that Thapa was listening to Jayant adaalatt Sarika’s fight.

Shreya gets angry and visits port. Shukla, Warden, Kishore, Maqdum or Peon? Defense Lawyer Pachohri reveals court that Builder Suri helped him in buying land worth Pathak requests Maa Mayanti to call Abhik Sinha’s spirit so that he can ask several questions to him in regards to Driver Pitamber’s case. Rachna Epjsode handovers her will of Rs.

Pathak prove Dakshaben innocent?

Sugandha admits that she was present in the ship when Madhukar’s death occured. Poonam had named her Prem Roza art gallery on Amrit’s name due to which after her death he would get Rs.

Jaiswal to collect more strong evidence. Someone gave poison to Mahuya in the cup of her tea.

Pathak succeed in saving Scientist Dr. D Pathak get arrested and K. Thief Ghattu reveals his robbery to cops and also discloses that Dakshaben had send him to robb Kheemji bhai and also promised that she would divide the money. Pathak prove his innocence?

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