Also, will Montmaray ever change their inheritance laws like the British royal family did so that females can inherit the throne? I know you posted a link to something about that but that was 3 years ago. And, is Simon ever really happy? And yes, Rupert eventually inherits the title of Lord Astley, but that happens long after the war. Yes, Rupert and Toby were best friends at school, and Toby confided in Rupert about everything. It was a bit bland, but had several genuinely funny lines and good bits scattered here and there. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

But then Antonia is born 2 years later… Also, did Toby and Simon stay involved with each other after the war? Even assuming the unbelievable generosity of passing ships to make stops to take passengers without charging passages! It feels like I read this book a million years ago because it was one of those books that I just loved so much that it sort of crept onto my list of Those Books. I would physically warn them not to bend the cover, I want to cherish this book forever and ever! There is no way she would get married, even in a registry office, if it meant giving up her career and her independence. I get a dns not found error message.

It’s almost plagiarism of Dodie Smith’s novel, that is, until the narrative diverges when some German officers find themselves on Montmaray. I found myself connecting with Sophie the main characterin ways I never thought possible through a book. My question is that at the end, Sophie says something about translating her journals.

This analogy might not work well for someone who doesn’t find Tarantino to be funny, I realize. But then, of course, there’s the other aspect of the novel that separates the FitzOsbornes from the Mortmains – and that would be the historical context, what with Nazis and a quest to find a particular ancient artifact, and what not.

And managed it well.

Gebhardt is mentioned in the epilogue as being one of the high-ranking Nazi officers sentenced to death at Nuremberg, along with Ribbentrop. As for Toby and Simon and Julia, the children know that all their parents love each other, and that the relationship includes physical affection.


I considered shaving a star off my review because of two annoying things.

As he seems to regard Toby as his father in the epilogue. If it ever did get turned into a movie what actors would you like to see mont,aray the characters? The great thing about this is that it was scary because it was so real. Yes, I really wanted to explore the notion that a war could ever be morally right. It was the stuff of nightmares.

I was and still am, mind you completely immersed and tangled into the lives of Michelle Cooper’s characters. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Off plot starts slow but halfway through it picks up and doesn’t let go until the very end. There’s a girl who insists she’s a boy, and there is speculation that two of the characters are engaged in a homosexual relationship, but that’s about it.

The eldest princess, Sophia’s cousin Veronica, is daughter of the current–not-quite-sane–King John. It’s because it’s true! WAY too much happens in the final quarter. A Brief History of Montmaray.

A Brief History of Montmaray by Michelle Cooper

The Brief History of Montmaray ends on a cliffhanger! One of the benefits of being a writer is that many enjoyable activities – daydreaming, for instance – can be classified as ‘work’. Then, when I was planning the Montmaray books, I came across some accounts of the Basque refugee children who were sent to England during the Spanish Civil War. But I think a lot of this can be inferred from the books.

I’m too upset to write about it now. The question I have is about Veronica and Daniel: Ahh Monymaray really love this book! The opening credits of Gosford Park scroll across the screen as I reach for the popcorn bowl. Some sort-of-similar books that I love, set in the recent past, with girls being awesome, etc, are:. And then I was crying!

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And if given the chance would you write the script? I really think the last book, in particular, deals with subject matter that is better read by more mature readers. Poor Toby did end up suffering quite a lot, though.

Michelle liked this job a lot. The tone is more Indiana Jones than Anne Frank and it must be said that the book rollicks. Sophia was at the heart, watching her family and seeing what mattered breif her. Did it take them a while to come around to Veronica?


The elements of history, intrigue, romance and a dash of the supernatural all blended together in a fast paced, seamless manner. As the months pass, Sophia provides insight to the lives of her family in Montmaray, their struggles and their daily routines – and then the danger that strikes when a pair of men in a ship mofie a swastika flag lands brlef their sovereign island.

When Sophie receives a journal for her sixteenth birthday, she decides to write about her day-to-day life on the island. View all 7 comments. Does Davie ever ot out that Simon is his biological father, or does he always think that Toby is? Don’t get me wrong, all the character’s in this novel were beautifully layered and kept blossoming until the very end, but it was the protagonist, Sophie FitzOsbone who settled into a special little corner of my heart.

So I wanted to say thank you and also would love to know why did you decide to include the Basques in your books, and give them such an important role. I’m hoping to get to one a month and feel slightly better about my depressing backlog. I know nothing about scriptwriting and would probably be montmaraj at adapting my own novels for the screen!

She may not demand attention the way that they do, because she is too busy paying attention to everyone else, but she was no moviw vivid in her love.

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The Rage of Sheep was published in paperback by Random House Australia inwith an ebook edition released in I’ve no doubt it will stay in mine, too. And will Antonia, Elizabeth and Matilda ever make their debute into society? But a lot of briet is the second book and I should save it for another review.

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